Happy Clients

We absolutely love the custom book, all the pictures are amazing! I look at the book almost every night! My husband thinks that I'm getting crazy! Ha, ha, ha!  All the pictures are a beautiful work of art, you are great! Thank you so much!   I will call you for my next order in the near future!   Muchas gracias!  Maritza

I just wanted to share a recent article in which your fantastic work is featured. Thank you again for the wonderful experience and great delivery! Alex

i wanted to text you in the car but you know how unsafe that can be. as it was, i couldn't wait and was unwrapping as i drove. my eyes teared up. i don't know where to start. first of all, thank you so much for being so thoughtful and gracious with your special gift. you have no idea how much that will be used. moving on, from the presentation (ie: wrapping) to the workmanship, careful planning and final product.. the passion you have for photography truly shows in your work. i'm probably one of the most detail oriented people you will ever meet. if there's a flaw, i will find it and if there are any little things that would make it better and most would over look it, i would point it out. i'm just this way. with you, i never had to or ever found anything because i actually found someone that went that extra mile like myself. i live striving for perfection everyday with things, but not because i'm some extremist, but simply because i enjoy taking it up a notch each time, to stick out from the rest. i don't know how i found you but even your website reflected the exact same things i'm talking about with your work.. so after many hours of research, i went kept going back to that website and said: i'm going with my gut and i was right. thank you a million times because you truly don't know how happy i am. i'm in love with each and everything i purchased and will now look forward to the next thing i have in mind with my family. thanks again.  Monica

Got them all and I really love these! Thank you very much!  Best, Bruce

We are all doing just great especially since receiving the pictures!  They are tremendous. Thank you ever so much for the fantastic remembrances. -- Linda

I  love love love the pictures, thank you so much, you do beautiful work..we are very very very very happy...thanks so much, I will refer you lots of business and whenever you want Harper she is yours, hugs, happy holidays, we are so happy, hugs, amy, doug, alexandra and harper

Howard came home this week-end with the pictures, collage and that incredibly thoughtful gift. The ‘brag book is a cute idea. Your work is so amazing and our entire 'Florida family' could not believe how beautiful the pictures are. I cannot wait to see the large portraits! You are most definitely a master at your craft and you have created a wonderful experience and fun memory for each of us. Thank you so much! Donna

I got my package today and it sent chills up my spine. Thank you so much for upgrading the paper. It looks awesome. I sent Nick a text with the picture and he was so happy. These mean the world to me and I am so glad I finally had the money.  Enjoy the day. Know that you made me very happy.  LeAnne

Thanks so much for all the time you spent with us making us look so dog gone handsome!  Best to you! Rick

As usual you picked the right shots!  That's why you are the professional and I am only the "talent"!   It's always wonderful to see and work with you. You make it so easy and fun. Thank you. Stacy

They look amazing, we are so happy!!! Thanks Marina!  Jessica

Thank you for the wonderful job you did for us.  You are the most professional, loving caring person!   In the face of schedule changes, you just flowed with everything and made it so easy for all of us.  Your assistant is very sweet too.  I had many compliments on your handling of the beach photo shoot.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Annie

The pictures are outstanding! Love them all -- it is going to be torture trying to chose. I will Thanks again.  Leah

Got the package at work couldn't wait to open it when I got home and Its wonderful I love the work - just like we wanted !!! Thank you very much -  if we're out there again you are our to go to girl !!!  Hugs (:  Liz

Marina,  You are the best!! Thank you so very much! Lots of love. Sabrina

I just want to take the time to say thank you so much again these pictures and so gorgeous! I'm so blessed and honored for you! And thank you so much for the cute gift!! I love it! I hope to see you again! Thank you! -Katelyn

Hi Marina! Omg the photos are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for your beautiful work! Dionne

I was blown away on how beautiful the pictures are of Ashley.  They show the young woman she is becoming.  We love all the pictures that you sent to us.   Susan

I can’t thank you enough.  Especially at a time in my life when I honestly have not been feeling great about things in general.  The pictures made me feel good about me for a moment. YOU DID THAT.  Maybe that sounds silly, but it’s true.  I am sure we will get to work together again.  All the best. Vince

Thank you for everything! We loved you and your work.  Gisele