Newborn twin baby boys hugging their stuffed rabbits
Newborn baby girl wrapped in pink and surrounded by pink & white flowers
Newborn baby feet with wedding rings hanging from the toes
Beautiful blonde boy & brunette girl laying next to their sweet little baby sister
New daddy kissing newborn son on the forehead, Marina Larenz Photography, Fort Lauderdale,
Newborn baby girl tush with aqua tutu & bow
Newborn baby close up of hand against cheek
Newborn baby boy laying in a blanket filled box with a bear
Newborn baby boy laying in the lap of his smiling older blonde brother
New mom holding her newborns feet
Newborn twin boys face to face close-up
B&W portrait of a new Mother holding her newborn baby girl close up
Newborn baby girl in soft pink wrap holding a sterling rattle
Newborn baby brunette hair swirl on top of her head
New Dad holding his cute newborn son against his bare chest
sleeping newborn brunette baby boy wrapped in taupe knit blanket holding a sterling rattle
Newborn baby toes peeking from a wrap
Gorgeous newborn baby girl dressed in cream tutu with flower headband on cream blanket
Newborn baby girl's face with flower headband laying in a blanket of flowers
Close-up of baby mohawk hair
newborn baby boy with brown bear in a furry blanket
Newborn baby twin boys in a red, antique box and cream blanket
New mom holding her newborn son close to her face
Newborn baby boy wide awake, wrapped in taupe blanket
young mother standing in a studio dressed in taupe gown holding beautiful chunky infant
Newborn fat baby toes wrapped in blue blanket
Newborn baby boy holding his Mom's hand
Newborn baby boy in a cowboy theme with tan blankets and leather suitcase & hat
closeup of young blonde boy laying on a gray blanket kissing his newborn baby brother on the forehead