Sweet young family dressed in blue at Lago Mar Resort in Fort Lauderdale
Good looking family of 5 with their dog standing on a boardwalk in Hollywood, florida
Family with 3 teenage sons, on the rocks at deerfield beach, florida
Family standing in a barn entrance, dressed in black with their horse and 2 dogs in Davie, florida
Happy family dressed in blue at the beach, holding tiny poodle
Proud Mom with her 2 grown sons in a park on the New River, Fort Lauderdale
Studio portrait of a pretty athletic mother & daughter in B&W
Attractive family in navy blue, standing by a tree in the park in Pompano beach, Florida
Pretty blonde mom with cute infant in arms in Hollywood, Florida
Cute teenage daughter sitting on tree limb next to standing parents in park in Pompano Beach, Florida
A nice looking family of 4 standing in a white gazebo in the park in Victoria Park, Florida
A smiling mother & daughter seated in the studio, dressed in black
An extended family portrait with everyone dressed in white on a beach boardwalk
Pretty family seated in the sand at the beach dressed in blue at Pompano Beach, Florida
Gorgeous blonde mom with baby son & husband by a tree in Harbor Beach, Florida
A very attractive grandmother with her beautiful grandchild seated in studio, dressed in white
Family seated, hugging each other beside a large banyan tree
 Good looking parents with their grown children at the beach in Pompano Beach, Florida
Young couple seated on a boat with their young boy at Pier 66 in Fort Lauderdale
Cute young family seated on their couch smiling
Young mom hugging her daughter
Large, extended family dressed in shades of blue in Victoria Park green space
Parents with adult son and his girlfriend and Lab at Pompano Beach, Florida
Beautiful family of 5 with their 4 dogs standing by a banyan tree in Birch state park, Florida
Young mom with her 3 sons dressed in white at Hawks Cay Resort, Florida Keys
Young family with 2 daughters sitting in the sand at Pompano Beach
Miami family portrait by the water, near Pinecrest, Florida
Boynton beach family posing on their yellow vintage airplane
Loving close up portrait of a Mother & Son in studio
Sweet young family in jeans and blue shirts on the beach in Pompano Beach, Florida
Parents with their teenage son, seated in front of a banyan tree at Birch State Park
Adult children with their parents, dressed in white, posed on the rocks in Deerfield Beach, Florida